Midbrook Hurricane Wash System

Stock Number: 1012
Large Washer:
Midbrook Hurricane Wash System
Electrical Requirements:
Supply voltage 480VAC, 3 phase, 60HZ
Total Connected HP 45.275
Total Motor FLA 67.94 Amps
Total Connected KW 147.08
Estimated full load Amps 195
Main Fuse or Breaker 250 amps
Plant Fuse or Breaker 250 amps
Short Circuit current rating 65kA

Physical Dimensions:
Overall length of approx. 20’ includes:
2’ load / unload extension (180 degree turn)
6’ wash stage
4’ RP stage
2’ 180 degree turn
6’ blow off
NOTE: Actual cabinet length is 12’ with the load / unload protruding 2’ for an overall length of 14’
Machine is 82” wide x 5’ high
Part opening is 4” x 11” which can be modified throughout

Redundant filters for wash and RP tanks
High Pressure pump in wash stage capable of 1200 psi
Wash tank 325 gallons with a pump rated at approx. 40PSI at 100 GPM
RP tank 250 gallons at a solution depth of 17” with a pump rated at 20PSI at 40 GPM
Sloped drain tanks with cleanout doors
Hinged access doors both tanks
Automatic water make up both tanks
Oil Skimmer
Electric Heat System both tanks
Touch Screen operator interface
Regenerative Blow off


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