2.5″ x .125″ Yoder M2 ERW Tube Mill

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2.5″ x .125 YODER M2 ERW TUBE MILL

Make: Yoder
Model: M2
Material: Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled, Galvanized
Tube Diameter: 1/2″ – 2.5″
Wall Thickness: .010″ – .125″
Shaft Diameter: 2.5″
Roll Space: 14″
Direction: Right to Left
Single Mandrel Uncoiler
Make: Littel
Weight Capacity: 4,000Lbs
3-Leaf Mandrel Design
Manual Expansion
Motorized Disc Brake
Forming Mill
Adjustable Edge Guides
Seven (7) Forming Stands
Four (4) Side Stands
Individual Gear Boxes
Common Drive: 50HP @ 1180 RPM
Welding Section
Adjustable Squeezing Head
Outside Scarfing Unit
Powered Re-Winder
Re-Galvanzing Torch
100Kw Welder Power Supply
Make: Syncronous Generation
Cooling Section
In & Out Powered Push Rolls
Sizing Mill
Three (3) Sizing Stands
Two (2) Sizing Side Stands
One (1) Single Sided Turk Head
Common DC Motor Drive
Yoder Cut-Off Press
Type: Vertical 4-Post Press
Model: Yoder P-40
Single Cut Design
Motor: 7.5HP 1170 RPM
Servo Length Control
Powered Run-Out Table
Right to Left Side Dumping Table
Complete Tube Mill, with Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls, Installed



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